Youth Services Quality Council of Monroe County


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YSQC is based in Monroe County and is made up of various community organizations that come together to see youth thrive. Our goal is to find innovative ways to collaborate with one another, join forces to advance our organizational mission and create opportunities to learn new skills as professionals who work with youth.

We ARE better together

YSQC is always looking for new member organizations and professionals to join us. We strongly believe that when we are all working together with a shared vision, we can build momentum to impact the lives of young people.

We hold monthly meetings that allow our members an opportunity to come together, hear how other organizations are impacting youth, network on new initiatives, and learn new skills and information to grow us as professionals.

Send us an email to hear about current YSQC projects and how to get connected.


About Us

YSQC provides a forum for youth service providers to collaborate on new ways to do business to ensure coordination of services, maximization, of resources, and quality service delivery to youth and families. Members come together to implement a change process committed to continuous quality improvement and consumer life-long independence and self-sufficiency.


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The YSQC puts out a weekly newsletter full of important and useful information about events, training, and other services available to youth serving professionals in Rochester and Monroe County, NY. Sign up here to receive all the latest news and info. We do NOT sell, rent or otherwise distribute this list.


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Rochester, NY 14603