VISION:  YSQC is the leader in advancing culturally competent, customer driven, collaborative youth and family services.

MISSION:  The YSQC is a member organization that provides leadership to youth service organizations who work cooperatively with youth and families to improve the delivery of services.



  1. Member Organizations are accepted throughout the calendar year.  Full Member Organizations have voting status. Individual Supporting Memberships (any individual or organizational entity supporting the vision and mission of the YSQC) have non-voting status.  A written request for these types of membership is required.  
  2. All membership dues are established by the Executive Committee.
  3. The CEO or his/her designee shall represent member Organizations.  Designees shall represent their organization at the Council meetings and have decision-making status.  Member organizations must agree to the principles set forth in Article I and sign the YSQC membership agreement.
  4. Member organizations are expected to attend all Council meetings.  
  5. Membership of the Executive Committee (at least including co-chairs of finance, communications/outreach, professional development, cultural diversity, annual meeting) will be composed of no less than 10 member organizations which may include the representative of each workteam.
  6. Executive Committee terms will be two years, with the opportunity to renew.  The terms of co-chairs will be staggered.


  1. The YSQC program year shall commence January 1 and end December 31.
  2. The YSQC shall meet minimum nine (9) times a year, the dates, time, and place of the meetings to be determined at the beginning of each program year.
  3. A quorum (½ of member organizations, plus one) is required for voting purposes.  Proposed votes require 2 weeks notice to members.
  4. Full member organizations are entitled to one vote by their designated official representative at any regular or special meeting.  



  1. To Maintain an executive committee (see article V) for responsibilities.
  2. To Implement the Strategic Framework.
  3. To maintain a communications/outreach committee (standing committee of the Council.)  The purpose of the committee shall be to recruit, provide orientation to new member organizations, and monitor member participation and attendance, and promote and publicize the work of the YSQC.
  4. To sponsor an annual meeting to present accomplishments and outcomes of the Council initiatives – carried out by the annual meeting committee.
  5. To maintain professional development committee, (standing committee of the Council.) to promote/offer in-service opportunities for members.
  6. To maintain cultural diversity committee (standing committee of the Council) to foster culturally competent practices and programs among YSQC members.
  7. To maintain finance committee (standing committee of the Council) this prepares and presents an annual budget to the council for approval.  The purpose of this committee is to train work team chairs on budget preparation, prepare an annual budget, and monitor revenue, and expenses and present quarterly reports to the Executive Committee and the Council.
  8. To maintain a nominating committee (standing committee of the Council) composed of at least one Executive committee member and at least two members selected by the Council.  The purpose of the committee is to present at the September meeting a slate of nominees to serve on the Executive Committee for the coming year.
  9. Committees may be referred to as “workteams”.



  1. To organize and coordinate the work of the Council to ensure implementation of the Strategic Framework (with annual reporting to the council).
  2. To schedule regular meetings at a minimum of nine (9) times during the calendar year.
  3. To organize and present an agenda at each regular and any special meeting.
  4. To lead and facilitate each regular and any special meetings.
  5. To call special meetings at their discretion.
  6. To authorize expenditures of Workteams that exceed line item (amount) allocated in Work Team budgets.  Work Team chairs responsible for approving expenditures within line items of the Work Team budget.  If expenditures will exceed the line item, then request for line item changes must be submitted to Executive Team for authorization.  If immediate approval is necessary, the Work Team chair can contact the Finance Committee for authorization.
  7. To maintain minutes of Council and Executive Committee meetings.
  8. To provide oversight to the council work teams.


  1. The Council operating guidelines may be amended by a quorum vote.
  2. No amendment may be made unless it is in writing and distributed to all member organizations at least twenty (20) days before any meeting in which a vote on the amendment can be taken.